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Welcome to the Brydon Farm Condominium Association website. Our community was formally established in June, 2004 and is comprised of 72 units in 36 cottage style duplex buildings built on what was originally a 30 acre farm. Seven volunteer owners serve as our Board of Directors and, along with a management agent, conduct the affairs of the Association.  The Board's goal is to always remember that we represent all of the owners  at Brydon Farm and to manage the Association for the benefit of  the unit owners.

Brydon Farm is conveniently located near groceries, retail stores, churches and schools in a quiet, wooded area providing privacy for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle and easy socializing opportunities for those who choose to participate in community events with other residents.

The Brydon Farm Condominium Association has truly become a “community” rather than just a neighborhood association with 72 units.  Many owners are involved with our Board of Directors, our various committees and participate in the social opportunities that promote a feeling of belonging and contribute to an enhanced quality of life.  

Please browse through our website to see if there is a committee you might want to join or suggest creating and let us know of any ideas you may have  that will continue to improve our community and life here at Brydon Farm Condominiums.

I welcome you to Brydon Farm and hope you will enjoy living here, as I certainly do.

Brenda Broder
Brydon Farm Condominium Association  

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